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SOSORT is in Melbourne as part of Spine Week in 2023!

Our principal physiotherapist Ashleigh will be travelling to Melbourne next week for Spine Week and the SOSORT convention.

SOSORT is a yearly conference run by the The International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment that presents new research in the field of non-operative care of scoliosis. It is attended by specialists such as medical specialists, physiotherapists and orthotists who work specifically with scoliosis and similar conditions of the spine.

It has been a interesting few years with COVID 19 restricting world wide travel, however SOSORT continued virtually giving our staff an opportunity to attend the last few years as a team from our clinic here Australia (we stayed up virtually all night due to time difference!) and last year we were again be able to attend via live stream.

Our principal physiotherapist Ashleigh will return to hold a professional development session with the SSC Team so we can continue to implement the best evidence based practice.

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