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scoliosis & Spine clinic brisbane

Who we are

Our approach 

Hear about how it all started, the why behind our approach, and meet our amazing team who make it all happen.

Clinic Owner & Principal Physiotherapist Ashleigh began working in the field of postural spinal conditions, specifically scoliosis10 years ago through her internship and research project, and it became a passion of hers ever since.


Ashleigh and her team have spent many years learning, training and travelling the world to learn the best treatments for you or your child to create a gold-standard treatment program.


Collectively our team have completed the following training into Scoliosis management:

- Scoliosis Physical Therapy School Advanced Cert

- Schroth Method Certificate L1, L2

- ISICO Masters in Scoliosis Management

- Scoli-balance L1 and L2 Certificate 

- APPI Pilates for Scoliosis

- Cheneau CAD/CAM bracing 

Ashleigh and her team strives toward bettering the care of those with postural conditions in Australia.

Our expert team (who collectively have more than 20 years of experience working with scoliosis and kyphosis) have created an optimal treatment program, that addresses the person and not just the curve to ensure you can live a happy and healthy life.

Our exercise methods are carefully selected from proven rehabilitation schools, namely based on the Schroth Method which was a German developed method of management of Scoliosis, as well as Schroth-Rigo Concept, SEAS method and Scolibalance, and are supplemented by Pilates and other strength and mobility exercises. There is no one-person-fits-all approach and thus our team utilise a number of these methods for optimal outcomes.

In addition to specialised exercise methods, our team also has 7 years experience in Cheneau CAD/CAM bracing and are trained in 3D bracing for scoliosis, our bracing methods originate from the German Schroth method school under Dr Katarina Schroth and we still communicate on each brace with the team in Germany directly to ensure best outcomes.

Our team are also mindful of the anxiety and stress that may come with your diagnosis and with managing your condition throughout your life. Our team will support you through your journey and provide ways of helping you continue doing the things you love.


If that isn't enough, our amazing mutli-disciplinary team co-manage your care to ensure you get the best outcomes.

We treat all people of all ages with postural concerns, even the most complex of cases!

Explore the clinic

Follow us through a typical day at our clinic!


Then read on below to meet our amazing team who make it all happen. 

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Meet the team 

Your Brisbane Scoliosis Team

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Your Scoliosis Outreach Team

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Rachel Poustie


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Matthew Steiler


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