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Our Approach

Our scoliosis physiotherapists utilise curve-specific exercise and hands-on treatment from proven rehabilitation schools in several European countries (namely the Schroth Method, Schroth-BSPTS and SEAS method) to create a gold-standard treatment/management program.

Our team have all completed specialist training in scoliosis management/ treatment at the Scoliosis Physical Therapy School in Europe, and collectively have 10 years of experience working with scoliosis.  


Our staff co-manage care with a multidisciplinary team of other health professionals including physiotherapist, orthotist, and medical doctor with specialised knowledge.

We treat the most complex of cases, and particularly those with pain focusing on the person and not just the curve.


Our aim is to support you through your journey, help you better manage your scoliosis, and live a happy and healthy life.

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Our Team

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Ashleigh Prowse

Principal Physiotherapist

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Chryselle Yates


Grace Addison  orthotist scoliosis Brisbane

Grace Addison


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Kate Row