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Meet our team

DR. ASHLEIGH PROWSE scoliosis specialist brisbane



Dr.Phty (Physiotherapy)

B.ExSci (Exercise and Health Science)

Doctor of Physiotherapy with a special expertise in the clinical management of scoliosis. Ashleigh's clinical focus is the accurate assessment, diagnosis and guidance of treatment for structural postural conditions scoliosis in children, adolescents and adults. In addition to her consulting role, she also continues to further her training and research in the best-practice treatment of the condition to share with other health practitioners and her team.

She completed an Exercise & Sport Science degree before completing her Doctor of Physiotherapy with her research and internship in scoliosis treatment and management.


Ashleigh’s determination to provide scoliosis treatment took her to Europe to the Scoliosis Physical Therapy School to complete additional training in Scoliosis and Spinal Conditions and holds a certificate in Schroth Scoliosis Specific Exercise prescription (PSSE). She is a member of International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Treatment (SOSORT) and has attended in 2021 and 2022, 2023. Ashleigh works closely alongside a network of Scoliosis Specialists which form a multidisciplinary team.

Ashleigh is the first author of Scoliosis related articles published in the European Spine Journal and World Journal of Orthopaedics on the assessment and conservative management of scoliosis, with continuing research in conjunction with CONservative TReatment for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (CONTRAIS) study. Ashleigh is part of a research team in Queensland continuing research in Australia to better the care for those with scoliosis locally. You will find The research Ashleigh has been involved in on researchgate.

Belle physiologist for scoliosis brisbane



B.Sci (Exercise Science, Nutrition)

B.Clin.ExPhys (Exercise Physiology)

Belle delivers our individual scoliosis-specific exercise rehabilitation as per Scolibalance, Schroth and SEAS principles, as well as our group therapy sessions.

Belle has completed training in Schroth (BSPTS) and SEAS through the Scolibalance program. 

Belle assesses the patient to prescribe and deliver exercise programs specific to them and their vertebral pathology such as Scoliosis, as well as co-morbidities such low bone density, low muscle tone and ligamentous laxity/ hyper-mobility, falls or balance issues and chronic pain.

Belle joins our team with vast experience in the dance industry after having moved to Brisbane to study and perform at an elite level with Queensland Ballet School of Excellence. Exposure to body mechanics and optimising training outcomes lead Belle to realise her passion for helping others in the field of Exercise Physiology. Belle also has her Clinical Matwork Pilates Certificate and has a vast range of experience in working with clients covering all levels of strength, mobility and flexibility.She was previously a disability support worker with children. 


Whilst studying at university Belle has also built up a successful dance studio - Revolution Physie & Dance. As the Owner/Director and teacher she works with very young kids through to teens and adults.

Grace Addison orthotist scoliosis Brisbane



B.ASci (Science)

M.ClinPros&Orth (Prosthetics and Orthotics)

Grace works at our clinic to offer Scoliosis bracing, Hyper-kyphosis bracing, pectus carinatum bracing and adult bracing for postural support. 


Grace is a trained Orthotist completing her 4 year Masters degree of Clinical Orthotics and Prosthetics.


Grace is experienced in custom spinal bracing for scoliosis and other spinal conditions working directly with Dr Weiss and his team in Germany over the past 3 years, and prior to that in Perth Hospital where they apply 3 dimensional methods to their custom bracing.

She is trained exclusively in 3 dimensional brace styles that apply 3D methods to bracing for scoliosis and kyphosis. 


grace addison
Exeval (Val) Alambra remedial massage



MPhtySt (Physiotherapy)

DipMT (Massage)

BSc (Chiropractic)

Val delivers physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage/manual therapy treatments.


He has completed additional training into scoliosis curve-specific treatment through the Scoliosis Physical Therapy School, and into speciliased exercises for scoliosis as per Schroth Method.

Val has extensive experience in musculoskeletal and spinal therapies- he is a qualified Physiotherapist and has an undergraduate degree in Chiropractic, as well as massage and manual therapy.Val has been treating hands-on for 7 years, he has an interest in spinal conditions and scoliosis which led him to working at our clinic. 


Val’s goals are to solve problem pain, to move beyond where pain is and address why. Using a biophysics approach, he identifies what structure/s are likely to be generating the pain, and offloading them to achieve long term resolution. 

Val utilises his extensive hands-on experience in deep or soft tissue massage and  gentle spine and ribcage mobilisation in combination with exercise-based interventions to address symptoms relating to scoliosis and postural conditions.


ScolioPilates Instructor 

bianca scoliosis research


MPhtySt (Physiotherapist)

BHSc (Musculoskeletal therapies)


Bianca has extensive experience in the world of Scoliosis, she assists with research and contributing to therapist training while working as a Physiotherapist.


She has previously trained in ScolioPilates in USA, and is a Certified "Rehabilitation Pilates" Instructor. Bianca has also completed a masters at the Italian Scientific Spine Institute (ISICO) that promotes and develops an innovative approach in the rehabilitation treatment of vertebral pathologies such as Scoliosis

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