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Get guidance from therapists who are experts in postural conditions 

Posture Screening

posture correction brisbane for scoliosis

Unsure if you or your child has a postural condition such as scoliosis/ kyphosis?

Not to worry, our team can help!

Scoliosis and Scheuermann's kyphosis is usually identified by primary health care professionals such as your doctor or treating practitioner, or sometimes by parents or partners. Using the forward bend test is an easy way to identify if you or your child has a condition requiring treatment.The patient bends forward in a standing position and if one side of the spine remains raised compared to the other, there could be a scoliosis. If looking side on, and there is an angulation of the natural rounding of the spine, there could be a kyphosis.


Posture Screening appointments are available at our clinic to evaluate you or your child's posture, and look for signs of potential spine and ribcage conditions. Our clinician then decides if further investigation and more thorough assessment is warranted, such as referral for a low dose postural x-ray. 


If you are unable to attend our clinic for posture screening, submit a photo of your or your back in a forward bend from the front and side,  and we will contact you as to whether you need a consult or a scan.

Free Spinal Screening Form

Submit the following photos:

1. Forward bending photo from the back (make sure we can see your whole back)

2. Forward bend photo from the side


(see photo exampled below for reference)

Upload File
posture correction scoliosis screening images practitioner help

Thanks for submitting!

Our team will be in contact with you as to whether you need a consult or a scan.

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