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Ashleigh Prowse presenting to the APA in 2022

Updated: May 22, 2023

Ashleigh our Director and Principal Physiotherapist will be presenting on Scoliosis and similar spinal conditions for the Australian Physiotherapy Association specifically Paediatric and Musculoskeletal groups whose membership consists mostly of Australia's registered Physiotherapists.

The aim is to increase physiotherapists and other allied health practitioners awareness of evidence-based conservative management of Scoliosis, specifically in the screening of Scoliosis, the use of Physiotherapy treatment which includes Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis-Specific Exercises (PSSE ie Schroth), and when to refer for bracing and surgical intervention - this is applicable throughout all stages of scoliosis; whether early intervention in the growing spine with Scoliosis or treatment of an ageing spine.

The 2 hour online seminar will be held this June 28th at


SA, NT – 5.30pm

WA – 4.00pm

Ashleigh will be presenting on the following key areas that will be of interest to allied health professionals (and students);

- The science and biomechanics of Scoliosis and how this relates to treatment;

- Understand and practice clinical and radiological assessments for screening;

- A brief introduction to adult spinal deformities;

- Discussion of treatment conditions, practical exercise and hands-on treatment applications and considerations in practice;

- Overview of bracing and surgery referral indications.

Register before the 27th June via the following link:

Non-Member: $50.00 (open to students and all allied health)

APA Member: $30.00 (physiotherapy members)

Please share with all relevant groups/ people you think will be interested!

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