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Belle our Exercise Physiologist now trained in Scolibalance!

Our incredible Exercise Physiologist Belle who delivers our curve-specific exercise programs travelled to Melbourne over the week to complete a 3 day training practical in scoliosis and hyper-kyphosis specific exercise as per Scolibalance.

The program is used to treat children, adolescents and adults, combining the most relevant practices and principles exercise rehabilitation for a 3D approach to managing scoliosis, tailored to each individual patient according to their curve type, symptoms and treatment goals.

The program builds on the foundation of other PSSE programs (SEAS^ and Schroth* BSPTS), focusing on aspects that are most effective and achievable for patients to learn and implement. The program is delivered in accordance with the SOSORT** guidelines.

Belle will be integrating her knew knowledge and practical skills into patient exercise programs and group classes, Belle is available Tuesday-Saturday for appointments :)

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