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Dedicated healthcare
for individuals with scoliosis and spinal postural conditions

scoliosis treatment Brisbane

Who we are

Australian based clinic offering proven conservative treatment for individuals of all ages with structural and postural variations of the spine and ribcage. Our team are experts with special training and experience in the management of postural conditions including Scoliosis, Scheuermanns, Hyper-kyphosis, Pectus and Adult Degenerative Spinal conditions.


What we do

Treatment's at our clinic are part of a multidisciplinary care model with a team of Specialist, Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist and Orthotist overseeing your care. Effective treatment and management requires early detection and monitoring, early intervention through specialised scoliosis exercises and bracing for progressive curvesand when surgery is indicated, referral to trusted orthopaedic specialists and assistance with post-op rehab.


How we can help

Our team will guide you toward the best evidence - based treatment for your scoliosis or other postural condition while supporting your physical and emotional health.  Treatment is individualised to the curve and the person; the primary goal to influence the curvature to lessen/stop progression, improve posture, address symptoms or functional concerns (if present), or to help you recover post surgery.

Scoliosis & Spinal 

Effective, evidence-based, non-surgical treatment of postural conditions in children and adults

Guidance from experts

Our team are here to help answer your questions and guide you toward the best treatment/s.

Our Initial Spinal Assessment is an extended appointment with plenty of time for questions and in-depth discussion about treatment options available to you or your child; this may include specialised curve-specific exercises, postural advice and activity modifications and manual therapy, or a more intensive program if you are coming from afar. Bracing is often recommended and used in progressive curves to limit progression of the curvature and we provide custom-made scoliosis braces in-house. Surgical referral to our trusted network can be arranged where indicated. For those with pain, we help you better understand your condition, the where, what and why behind your pain, and long term solutions to overcome them. Our team will provide you with research resources specific to your and your curve to show how our treatments can help you.

Scoliosis Treatment from experienced therapists

Our evidence based treatments delivered by an experienced care-team in collaboration with your specialist ensures effective treatment, and thus optimal outcomes.


For kids and teens: scoliosis specific exercises are helpful at any stage of your journey - whether you are watching and waiting or wearing a brace,there are multiple research studies supporting their use, especially during the period of monitoring where they were shown to be superior than monitoring alone.​ Custom scoliosis bracing is the most common non-surgical treatment often needed for progressive scoliosis especially in younger patients and combing bracing with specialised exercise programs are shown to be more effective than bracing alone.


For adults: specialised physiotherapy and specific, individualised exercise programs help scoliosis patients to overcome their symptoms and adopt a more balanced posture while also reducing pain/stiffness and stabilising/ lessening the curve’s progression without the need for surgery. Bracing is sometimes used for support and pain relief.

For those post surgery: our close collaboration with scoliosis orthopaedic surgeons allows us to provide tailored post operative rehabilitation programmes and post-op care, as well as address any ongoing or new pain. For those awaiting surgery physiotherapy can help to reduce pain/stiffness and improve spinal flexibility in preparation for surgery.


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Lifelong Management from a caring team

Ongoing care is important when managing postural conditions as most curvatures will need management throughout life/ at different stages of your life.

Our team provide a tailored exercise program that can be continued at home with support from our App with exercise videos and prescription. To supplement your home program, our team have developed an Exercise library of home workouts suitable for scoliosis and kyphosis. Our patients often move into group classes which are a great way to maintain effects from your initial therapy program, and ensure ongoing improvements. Personal check-ins with your therapist/s are recommended for growing kids and teenagers monthly, and 3 monthly for adults.​


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