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Dedicated healthcare for individuals with scoliosis and other variations of the spine and ribcage

Our clinic uses proven conservative treatments delivered by an experienced and specially-trained team of practitioners.

Who we are

Scoliosis & Spine Clinic is an Australian based clinic offering treatment for individuals of all ages with scoliosis, and other structural and postural variations of the spine and ribcageOur team are experienced in scoliosis management, providing care since 2015. We are based in Brisbane but treat patients from all over Australia (and the world)!.


What we do

Our treatments form part of a care-model that includes monitoring, psychological support, physiotherapy, and bracing alongside our partnering orthotists, and when surgery is indicated, referral to trusted orthopaedic specialists. 


How we can help

Our scoliosis physiotherapists will guide you toward the best evidence - based treatment/s for you or your child's scoliosis. Treatments assist to lessen curve progression, promote correction of your asymmetric posture, restore muscle balance, reduce pain and improve quality of life.


Specialist scoliosis physiotherapy can help alleviate symptoms associated with scoliosis

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