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Ongoing care  

Life-long care from a caring team

Ongoing care is important for scoliosis as most curves will need treatment at some point, or at different stages of life.


Group therapy 


- Weekly LIVE class and recording available weekly

- Weekly in person Clinical Exercise Groups are included as a great cost-effective way to stay on track with your exercises and continue to build on your individual home program your therapist designed for you, sessions are claimable on private health insurance.

- Online programs and workouts to supplement your home routine and keep you motivated

- Join a community of like-minded people, including safe space to ask questions

- App based home program updated at reviews with your therapist accordingly

One-on-one training

One on one discounted packs are available for 30 minute sessions with our therapists, secure a regular time to attend for your training in our state of the art centre, no need to get equipment at home! This is ideal for clients wanting technique focus and optimal outcomes, and for parents struggling to implement and assist with exercises at home.

Claimable on private health insurance.

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