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  Treatment Program

Specialised treatment program for optimal outcomes in the management of scoliosis in children, teens and adults


Anyone with scoliosis or kyphosis can benefit; the primary goal is to influence the curvature in early stages of diagnosis, assist with brace effectiveness or preparing for or wanting to avoid surgery. 

Proven goals/ benefits: 

  • Improved posture, alignment and appearance of your back

  • Prevent/lessen progression of curves in growing spines

  • Stabilise and support curves in adult spines

  • Lessen/ eliminate pain 

  • Improve results of bracing for brace wearers

  • Prevent/ reduce the loss of correction in the brace weaning phase

  • Improved postural muscle endurance

  • Improved respiration

  • Improved quality of life 

  • Improved psychological outlook




Treatment program

- Spinal Assessment

-- If bracing is required, a custom 3D Scoliosis Brace can be measured, scanned, fitted and reviewed regularly in house

- 2 x 30 minute manual therapy appointments to address soft tissue restrictions, eliminate symptoms, assist with proprioceptive feedback

- 6 x 60 minute one-on one training sessions to show you through your tailored curve-specific exercise program with specific focus on technical aspects and exercise execution

- 30 minutes re-assessment of posture photos, rotation and XRAY in-brace results (where applicable) at 6 weeks post

- Monthly review/check in with therapist including progress report, manual therapy and exercise review

- Treatment overseen at 4-6 monthly intervals for growing spines and 12 monthly for adult spines by consultant with close collaboration between physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, and orthotist and specialist where indicated, our team will also collaborate with your team to ensure you have the best care possible!

Additional Features for ongoing support:
- Clinical Exercise Groups

- Home Program delivered via App based program with form and technique videos 
- Programs & workouts available through our exercise library to supplement home program 

- Access to Scoligroup community chat & forum

- Access to new research, information and handouts 

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